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 Molder and HH Mats for sale

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PostSubject: Molder and HH Mats for sale   Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:12 am

I have a molder and a few HH mats for sale.

1) Mold: Heaven's Hoot Falchion ~ Long Blade from fb49

2) Bierbite Beast Mana x 5

3) Fetch Golden Mirror x 1

4) Madcougar Claw x 2

5) Asura Black Pearl x 1

Offer me if interested!

*Item 1~ I dunno the price..... or if anyone will ever want it..
*Item 2, 3, 4~ Jon might buy them so be quick if u wanna get it b4 Jon.
*Item 5~ Maybe Xinmin wants it.

First come first serve!
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Molder and HH Mats for sale
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